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POID Research

Management practices and the wealth of nations

Team Leaders: Nick Bloom, Renata Lemos, Raffaella Sadun, and Daniela Scur

When people think of technologies, they do not often think of management. But the typical measures of "hard technologies" such as patents, R&D, and the diffusion of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), robots, AI, etc. typically leave a large "residual" to be explained. Furthermore, the impact of such technologies on firm performance varies tremendously depending on the managerial quality of the adopting organization.

Pioneering work by POID researchers has established new methods for measuring management quality. This has been implemented in over 20,000 interviews with firms from almost 40 countries since 2002. More information is available on the World Management Survey website.

Example papers

A number of our projects builds on this work