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3rd International Festival of Economics, Turin: "Who owns knowledge?"

The case for growth: What should Europe do?

John Van Reenen (LSE)

Friday 31 May 2024

Off Campus

About this event

The world is in a funk. Slow average income growth over many years has caused many Western citizens to believe their economic prospects will be worse than their parents. Their anger has fed authoritarian  movements that erode our liberal democracies from the inside, just as they are are threatened militarily from the outside. 

Van Reenen will make the case for growth that is environmentally sustainable and socially equitable. He will develop and draw on new theories and data that reject declinism, and offer a way to craft a new Growth Plan. The centerpiece is long-term investing - in knowledge, people and infrastructure. To accomplish this, we will need radical changes in our institutions and politics built around a vision for a new society.

The talk will be based on his recently published book The Economics of Creative Destruction and a new book he is currently working on.

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This event will take place Off Campus.