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Are 'green' jobs good jobs?

The transition to net-zero will have far-reaching but unequal effects, as 'dirty' jobs disappear while new jobs aligned with or supportive of the net-zero objective - which we refer to as 'green' - are created. As governments worldwide increase their commitments to tackling climate change, there is a growing need to quantify and characterise the 'green economy', and to identify opportunities to be seized and challenges to be overcome in the transition to the net-zero economy of the future. To shed light on green jobs and inform policy and future research, we apply a granular analytical approach to quantify and describe green jobs in the UK and EU economies.

Mirko Draca, Jiaqi Li, Sabrina Muller, Viet Nguyen-Tien, Capucine Riom and Anna Valero

28 October 2021     Paper Number CEPSP39

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This work is published under POID and the CEP's Growth programme.