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Labour Economics: Thinking through Labour's economic agenda

With the Labour Party having vowed to achieve the fastest growth in the G7, the Social Market Foundation has brought together leading economic experts to provide independent analysis of the party's proposed approach - and the gaps it needs to fill - in this essay collection. Across the 13 essays, each exploring a different area of economic policy, there are some common themes and ideas, which offer some indication of Labour's thinking and priorities.

Timothy Besley, Aveek Bhattacharya, Jagjit Chadha, Paul Cheshire, Neil Lee, Alan Manning, Andrew McNeil, Margarida Bandeira Morais, Henry G. Overman, David Soskice, Anna Valero, Giles Wilkes and Alison Wolf

22 April 2024

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This work is published under POID and is part of the CEP's Labour markets programmeUrban programmeCommunity Wellbeing programmeTrade programmeGrowth programme.