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Reskilling in the age of AI

As the pace of technological change continues to increase, millions of workers may need to be not just upskilled but reskilled. Companies have a critical role to play in addressing this challenge. To learn more about what their role will entail, the authors outline five paradigm shifts that are emerging in reskilling: 1. Reskilling is a strategic imperative. 2. It is the responsibility of every leader and manager. 3. It is a change-management initiative. 4. Employees want to reskill - when it makes sense. 5. It takes a village. Companies will need to understand and embrace these shifts if they hope to succeed in adapting dynamically to the rapidly evolving new era of automation and AI.

Leila Doumi, Sagar Goel, Orsolya Kovacs-Ondrejkovic, Raffaella Sadun and Jorge Tamayo

18 August 2023

Harvard Business Review

This work is published under POID and the CEP's Growth programme.

This publication comes under the following CEP theme: New technologies and productivity